Icicles Gold Edition Glass Massager

A glass lover’s dream is the honest way to describe the beautiful Icicles Gold Edition hand blown glass massager,

This particular piece of glass The Icicles Gold Edition Glass Massager arrived from Wilder Sides which is a New on-line company. That sells a wide range of products like masturbators, vibrators bondage items and lingerie. The customer service I received was first class. My parcel arrived quickly and discreetly.

The packaging for the massager has a sophisticated black and gold patterned design. There is an image of the product delightfully positioned on the open flap, where underneath the massager is fully viewable through the clear window, there is description written on the inner flap and the reverse of the box. The glass massager is held securely in a moulded foam block.We do own several pieces of glass that brings a range of pleasures in the bedroom. Each piece of glass we own has their unique style; the exquisite Icicles Gold Edition is a work of art in itself. That is beautiful to view and is a dream to hold as the perfectly smooth body feels lovely to touch. The massager is 7” long with a delicious  curved body. The tapered bulbous tip is ideal to hit all the pleasure spots whether you choose to use the glass for G-Spot or P-Spot stimulation. There is hooked finish to the base of the massager to help any un-wanted travel during play. The bumpy shaft of the glass adds extra stimulation during a session with this piece of glass.

A gentle coating of a water based lube is ideal as I slowly slipped the tapered tip inside my wife, she were instantly impressed with the feel and shape of this Icicles toy. As I slip the full 5” insertable length inside of her, the hook is an ideal size for me to hold to smoothly thrust the massager as she enjoyed the bumpy shaft as her pleasures levels were soon rising as the bulbous head is the perfect shape to stimulate her G-spot with each thrusting motion she were soon reaching her first orgasm, that the further I continued penetrating her with the glass it wasn’t long before she squirted all thanks to this glorious piece of gold glass.There is a lightweight feel to the glass which does offer a different type of use for us as we are used to heavier weighted glass toys. The lighter feel of the glass didn’t affect the pleasure my wife experienced at all. The added joy glass can also bring that also we love about glass is how it responds to being warmed or chilled to give you the opportunity  to indulge in some temperature play.To clean the glass over after can play can be placed in the dishwasher, or to wash by hand a spray over of sex toy cleaner and rinsed of with warm water easily removes any lube or body fluid. Then simply towel dry and store away until your next adventures with the dildo.

Overall the Icicles Gold Edition Glass Massager is a welcome addition to our glass collection. There is some much to love about this particular piece of glass, the gold colouring is a truly outstanding with its suave appearance. The bulbous head and bumpy shaft delivers the perfect pleasure to deliver an orgasm that you will keep you reaching for this icicles product regularly in the bedroom.

The Icicles Gold Edition Glass Massager was sent to me by Wilder Sides in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinion, which are my own.

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