Jenna Jameson Lotus Fleshlight Girls.

A masturbation session of legendary status is on offer for you to indulge in thanks to the Jenna Jameson Lotus Fleshlight Girls this particular fleshlight has been directly moulded on the gorgeous Jenna Jameson tight pussy.The hygienically sealed fleshlight packaging has an instantly impressive design as the product is instantly viewable through the clear window. While the attractive packaging appearance, is aided by several images of the beautiful Jenna surrounding the packaging.The Fleshlight arrived from Wilder Sides which is a new on-line company.  That sells a wide range of products like masturbators, vibrators bondage items and lingerie. The customer service I received was first class. My parcel arrived quickly and discreetly.

The pearl outer casing that surrounds the body safe super skin sleeve looks smart and has a series of raised ribs to provide you with a gripped texture during play.This is my first moulded pussy fleshlight after removing the screw cap lid I was impressed at the realistic nature of Jenna pussy, especially the manner in which it has been moulded and made into a male sex toy. It certainly raised the sexual excitement I was already feeling.

Fleshlight sleeves are temperature responsive to further enhance the pleasure you receive as warming the sleeve in a bowl of warm water up to body temperature creates a warm pussy sensation for you to enjoy during penetration.A sachet of 5ml lube is supplied with the fleshlight. I applied the lube to my erect shaft and the inner sleeve. Entry into Jenna pussy feels delightful smooth, I do enjoy slowly penetrating the tight width canal measuring at 0.5 inches. Feeling the ribbed canal does stimulate my shaft instantly, the full 9″ internal length is a joy to behold as I can fully sink myself deep in to the masturbator. While the ribbed canal does offer pleasure at the beginning of the session   as the session continued I noticed the ribs become less noticeable and the sleeve just feels pure smooth as I slowly worked the fleshlight over the length of my erect shaft. Positioned on the end is a screw cap that creates an air tight vacuum feeling that can be set a level you desire. Personally I found removing the cap created more pleasure for me as I enjoyed the smooth ride of the sleeve, in particular in only stimulating the tip of my penis by solely enjoying sliding myself in and out of Jenna sweet lips. Till I reached the point of feeling very aroused and knew climax were near, I enjoyed the full length of the fleshlight again as I fully thrusted until I orgasmed deep inside Jenna tight canal.

Cleaning of the fleshlight is quick and ideal thanks to the removable sleeve, which can be turned inside out. I wash the sleeve over with a sex toy cleaner and rinse over. I do leave the sleeve dry naturally overnight, before I store the fleshlight away, I give the sleeve a coating of renewal powder to preserve the life of the toy.

Overall the Jenna fleshlight isn’t one of my favourite masturbators as I feel the ribbed detail of the inner sleeve could have been raised to a higher level to allow them to be felt further on my shaft during play. This is my only issue with the product as I enjoyed my first male masturbators based on the mould of a real pussy. It has added an extra edge to our bedroom time as my wife enjoyed watching me penetrate the realistic appearance of Jenna pussy and climax has an added naughty edge but extremely worthwhile.

The Jenna Jameson Lotus Fleshlight Girls was sent to me by Wilder Sides in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinion, which is my own.

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