Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation.

Satisfyer sent me the Pro Penguin Next Generation and the Pro 2 Next Generation to review in exchange for an honest review. This is our first experience in suction toys we chose our first experience to be with the Pro Penguin Next Generation as the appearance and petite size of the penguin helped created a non-intimidating appearance for beginners to experience.The penguin arrives in a hygienically sealed cardboard box which has a smart appearance with images of the Penguin and details of the product. The penguin comes in a clear moulded tray, which comes supplied with an USB magnetic charging cable and an instruction booklet.We do adore the penguin appearance as he does look cute with his lovely pink bow tie. The body is 4 ½ inches in height, while the majority of the penguin is made up of a lovely smooth black body safe silicone, The white tummy of the penguin is made from ABS with a soft press control button. Positioned on the underneath of the penguin is two magnetic points for connecting the charging lead to. The silicone suction tip is 1” square and is also removable which is ideal for cleaning.

On arrival the Pro Penguin requires a full 8 hour charge, after the initial charge the lithium battery only takes 90 mins to charge. To offer also 90 minutes of play time. Charging is indicated by a flashing light; during the process the magnetic lead stays secure to the Pro Penguin.The penguin does begin on the lowest of the 11 vibrating settings, my wife felt that before I place the penguin onto her clit the settings do need to be raised for the suction effect to really be felt. The first feel of the penguin was of a pleasurable nature as she enjoyed the stimulation that a suction toy brings. As play continued she soon desired a stronger vibrating setting as I raised the level, this did provide her with a good level of arousal; ultimately she felt that the penguin wasn’t powerful enough to bring her to orgasm. The penguin was best suited to use as an ideal start up toy to our session.The penguin is a lovely size to hold and the controls are easy to change during a session. Position wise would have preferred the controls to be on the back of the penguin for easier access. If you enjoy some aquatic fun then the penguin can join you in the shower as he is fully waterproof.To Clean the penguin I wipe the body over with a wet wipe, while the nozzle can be either cleaned with a cotton bud, or I prefer to remove the nozzle from the penguin and wash in warm water and give a spray over with sex toy cleaner, I leave the nozzle to dry overnight and place back in the penguin the next day.Overall the Pro Penguin Next Generation was a good choice to use in our first experience of a suction toy. While orgasm may not have been reached a suitable level of arousal was reached. We feel the penguin is ideal as start-up toy for some fore-play fun before switching to other clitoral toys we own.

Satisfyer sent me the Pro Penguin Next Generation in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinion, Which is my own.

The Pro Penguin is available to buy from Betty’s Toy Box for a sale price of $54.99

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