House of Eros Square Pattern Shoe Paddle.

I do regularly enjoy receiving a spanking and I like to keep a look out for new items that can join my collection of spanking instruments
A range that caught my eye is the House of Eros range. As I love the colour and the choice of un-usual designed patterns, that is feature of the range.

In particular the shoe paddles stood out to me. My favourite is the House of Eros Square Pattern Shoe Paddle which duly arrived from Wilder Sides which is a new on-line company.  That sells a wide range of products like masturbators, vibrators bondage items and lingerie. The customer service I received was first class. My parcel arrived quickly and discreetly.

The beauty of the paddle cannot be underestimated as the sole pattern is a work of art with a delightful set of squares embossed into an oval shape. While the shaded brown leather gives of the feel of an old fashioned slipper. The paddle measures at 13 inches in length and 3 inches at it widest. Wonderful crafted in to the handle is the House of Euros logo. The paddle has been ideally crafted to maximise the spanking as the handle offers a good amount of flexibility to the paddle to aid you delivering a firm spanking. While the reverse side of the paddle has perfectly smooth feel to the leather.As I lay on the bed waiting for my wife to first yield the paddle, my naked bum was twitching at the excitement of receiving my first spanking from the House of Euros paddle. The first thwack did surprise me at the strength of firmness it provided, equally it was a spankee dream to feel this level of punishment. As the session continued I was craving more of paddle by the time I were between 5-10 thwacks a stinging sensation also prevailed leaving my bum looking a lovely shade of deep red. I could quite easily endured this paddle for a suitable length of time as I provided with an ideal amount of pain and pleasure that I desire. On many occasions I have been left with a shoe shaped mark imprinted on to my bum cheek which is quite satisfying and has happened on several occasions during use with the paddle.My wife found the handle an ideal width and length to hold that allows her to perform a fair swing of the paddle for her to be satisfied as it allows her to deliver a spanking that she enjoy providing as much as I enjoyed receiving.
This paddle is a step up from my regular paddles and is more suited to experienced users rather than beginners just starting out. It is a paddle that is worth working your way up to this level of spanking and to experience the delights the House of Eros range has to offer.
Overall I did have high expectations of the paddle, not only did it meet them it also was able to exceed them. I love everything about the House of Euros Square Pattern Shoe Paddle from it delightful appearance of the paddle is aesthetically pleasing. While the firmer spanking the paddle has to offer is a delight to experience regularly as I thoroughly enjoy being on the receiving end of the paddle. The House of Eros Square Pattern Shoe Paddle was sent to me by Wilder Sides in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are my own

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