LHM Wet Look & Lace Boxer Shorts

There are many factors about Lovehoney Men Boxers that i love as they are stylish, sexy and are a delight to wear. The latest pair that caught my eye has a combination of materials that creates a beautiful appearance with a twist of kink involved.
I am talking about the LHM Wet Look and lace boxers The beautiful factor of the shorts comes from the lovely floral lace which does make up the majority of the boxers. As the black lace flows around your body to cover your hips and bum to create a desirable finishing style, particularly as the lace meets the wet look design and in particular the eye catching tailored pouch leaves you with a fair amount of support to leave you with a mighty impressive look. The wide wet look waistband which has the LHM logo tag positioned centrally helps to add a stylish finish to the boxers.The reason I chose to purchase these boxers was for to wear them in the bedroom and in particular for a planned night away. They created the look that I had planned. As the lace was quite stunning alongside the kinky factor of the wet look, my wife enjoyed my appearance as she found the boxers to be sexy and desirable, as I looked impressive in this particular piece of underwear that is ideal for a night of sensual but naughty fun.As well as looking great in the boxers they are also extremely comfortable to wear weather it is for the bedroom or simply everyday wear. The Lace feels delightful smooth on my skin, while it feels exciting to be enjoying the wet look panel feature of the boxers underneath your jeans.

The size of the boxers allow for an ideal fit as the LHM range covers from a 30 up to a 36 waist. This does provide me with a comfortable but secure fit as they suited my 30″ waist. While the stretch in the material will cover the size range that it is intended for.

The make of the boxers is up to the usual high standard of the LHM range. Are for sale at a price of £12.99 or often there is an offer on for two pairs for £16The LHM Wet Look and Lace boxers are everything that I wanted and more when I first purchased the boxers. Sexy and kinky in the bedroom that leaves me looking and feeling desirable with a naughty edge. The boxers are a delight to wear as a regular pair of underwear also.

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