Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo Review

Hot Octopuss

I have been a keen admirer of HotOctopuss products for some time now. I was absolutely thrilled at prospect of testing the Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo ,which was sent to me by the lovely people at Betty’s Toy Box


I do love the appearance of the product packaging. The gold coloured cardboard box is sexy yet informative. There is a product description and images showing the ideal ways to wear the pulse to get maximum pleasure from the toy.

Hot Octopuss packaging

Contents & Description

The included contents of the box are the Duo which is a lovely navy colour & is made from a phthalate-free silicone.The open sleeve design of the Duo creates the option to enter the toy either flaccid or fully erect. The main feature to the Duo is the incredible raised oscillating pulse plate that offers pleasure directly to your frenulum that has the ability to stimulate you whether you’re flaccid or erect.

The sex toy does boast a lovely set 3 speeds and 6 different ranges of vibrating patterns for you to enjoy.

The vibrations are not solely for the boys as there is a 3 speed vibrator perfectly placed on the top of the Duo to offer clitoral stimulation to enjoy during couple play. This is certainly an impressive feature to this couples toy as to provide duel stimulation for both partners.

Hot Octopuss Contents

The controls for the toy are placed on the outer edge of the sleeve on one side is a raised on switch, on the opposite side also raises is two plus (+) & minus (-) buttons that raise the strength of the vibrations and changes the patterns during play.While the push button remote control puts you in charge of the top vibrator to add an extra edge during play. The control takes one 3V lithium battery.(included)

Hot Octopuss Remote Control

Both of these two items are kept securely inside a smart Hot Octopuss branded drawstring storage bag.The Duo does require a charge before use which is possible with the supplied is a rechargeable USB lead. With its magnetic connection that fits securely to the pulse. Charging takes 3 hours to give you 1 hour of play, when the battery does run out there is no warning, the Duo just stops working.

Charging Cable and Connection

The final item in the box is a set of instructions to provide you with all of the information you require.

Couple play experience.

One fact that always drawn myself to the Duo is how this particular couples toy can be worn on my erect shaft to offer a different type of pleasure as the vibrations are transferred onto my penis during play. The Duo can be used with or without lube; when using the toy as a couple’s toy I prefer not to use lube to prevent the sleeve from moving during play.

Hot Octopuss states the Pulse III has 25% more power than it predecessor while this is my first Pulse product I was looking forward to feeling the strength of the vibrations. I first used the Duo during fore-play with my wife sitting on top of myself, As I kicked started the toy into life The feelings I experienced from the beginning can only be described as shock, stimulated and feeling pleasured from the strength of the vibrations I knew this was going to be on hell of a fore-play session.

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo

As my wife positioned herself against the toy and pressed the remote we both were in vibration heaven. Clitoral play is a big part of my wife pleasure during sex and the vibrations aroused her to the desired level she craves. While I was reviling from the strength of the vibrations that were being sent straight out from the pulse plate that I felt throughout the length of my shaft. I do love girl on top during sex, by introducing the Duo into our sex life it has heightened my pleasure for this position even further. While we both didn’t reach orgasm using the Duo together it did provide both of us with a raised level of fore-play stimulation that resulted in an extremely pleasurable lovemaking session.

Solo play experience

I was intrigued to see what the pulse III could bring to my solo play, I prefer to be fully erect as I slip myself inside the wings; I do apply lube to the wings as this creates a smoother feel of the silicone during play.

Switching the Duo on is pure pleasure as I feel an instant stimulation from the sheer strength of the vibrations. Sending shock waves right through the length of my shaft. Once I have the Duo in position I love the feeling of the duel combination of the oscillating plate and the top vibrator.

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo

Using a toy to pleasure myself without thrusting the toy, is a new experience of pleasure & was intriguing to discover how I was going to react. I enjoy using the Duo in two different ways either by pressing the head of my penis into the pulse plate or I rock the toy back and forth, the shape of the toy is an ideal design to aid in this act, as I enjoy the direct contact with the oscillating plate on to my frenulum. This creates a very sensitive feeling in the head of my penis and I can feel my arousal levels building, to the point where I did pre-cum. As I continued playing I was feeling further stimulated and felt my solo session was mirroring our couples session, even though I didn’t reach climax with the Duo, I still enjoyed a raised level of stimulation that was still apparent as I finished my session off.

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo

If discreet play is required then the need for some background music is required to hide the sound of the buzzy vibrations.


The Duo is fully waterproof for you to enjoy in the shower for some aquatic fun if you desire. With being waterproof it also aids in the cleaning of the Duo as I give the silicone a spray over with sex toy cleaner and rinse over with water. Simply towel dry over and store away until its next use.


Did the Hot Octopuss pulse III Duo live up to my expectations of the product?

I would admit that I experienced a different kind of pleasure than what I were expecting.

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo

The strength of the vibrations cannot be underestimated, as they do allow you to feel extremely stimulated and even though climax hasn’t been reached. It is a stunning fore-play toy that leaves you feeling a high level of arousal for further play whether you’re using the toy for couple or solo play.

The Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo has been a welcome addition to our sex toy collection and I like to thank Betty’s toy box for sending me the product in exchange for an honest review. This in no way has influenced my opinions, which are my own.

Hot Octopuss Pulse III

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5 thoughts on “Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo Review

  1. Mark Mitchell says:

    Amazing product. Still learning how to fully use its potential. I can certainly see how this product for be beneficial to those with erectial dysfunction as it really wakes things up!

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