TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator Review 

As a lover of TENGA toys I was extremely excited to be given the opportunity to test and review the Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator as part of the pleasure panel from Lovehoney via Cara sutra

The TENGA flip hole arrived in a clear rounded plastic case. Certainly hints at the quality of the toy standing inside a moulded tray. The masturbator comes with three 20ml tubes of different lubes. A set of instructions is also included.


I gave the masturbator over a good inspection over I couldn't help but be impressed at the luxury product that lay before me. There is a stand that keeps the masturbator closed up between uses. As I opened up the beautifully smooth white plastic 6.5 inches outer casing, the TPE sleeve looked sexually exciting to me with a range of multiple textures moulded into the length of the sleeve. In the form of ridges, bumps and nodules; that all provide stimulation to your shaft.

There are 3 press circles up each side of the masturbator, each one offers the own pleasure to further raise your stimulation during play. The lowest button allows you to tighten entry on entry to the sleeve. The centre button squeezes out any air to create a vacuum style pressure. The upper circle provides stimulation to the head of your penis as you further feel the textures.

I reviewed this item as a part of Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel. The full review is published on Cara’s website. If you would like to read the review in full, to find out how I enjoyed the masturbator. Click the link below. Thank you.

Cara Sutra pleasure panel review

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