Sense Max VR Headset Review. 

The Sense Max VR headset is a separate product available to purchase from Sense Max that can be used in conjunction with the Sense Tube/Smart Watch as it allows you to watch the App placed videos to maximum effect.
The headset packaging is a smart grey cardboard box. This has product image and details printed on. The headset is stored inside a moulded tray. An instruction leaflet is also included.

The VR headset has been made very stylish with a delightful black and white colour scheme. There is a flap placed in front of the lenses where your phone is securely kept to watch the videos direct from the App. There is a dial placed on the top so it is simple to allow you to adjust the video in to focus if required. Sense Max does recommend your phone screen to be between 4.7-6 inches of maximum effect. My phone has a 3.5 inches screen I can't say my viewing experience has been affected at all. A lens cleaner is also included with the headset if required.

The headset has been made to a high standard as it is particularly comfortable to wear, especially when it can be worn for long durations at times during a session. As the inside of the headset has a soft foam lining to aid in the comfortable fit, while the strap that secures the headset during wear is fully adjustable to allow to complete the perfect fit for you personally.

The sale price of £39.99 is suitably priced as the headset will allow you to enjoy the VR interactive experience to the max as the videos are more enjoyable to watch, as you do feel further part of the acts taking place. The headset is an ideal product to use alongside the Sense Tube or Smart Watch.

The Sense Max VR Headset was sent to me by Lovehoney in exchange for an honest review. This in no way has influenced my opinions, which are my own.


There are products available to purchase separately to maximise your VR experience from Sense Max. I also own the Sense Tube Virtual Reality Male Masturbator & the Sense Max Smart Watch. Here are the links for the reviews on the two products also on my blog.

Sense Tube Review.

Sense Smart Watch Review.


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