Sense Max Smart Watch Review.

The smart watch is a separate product available to purchase from Sense Max that can be used in conjunction with the app to further enhance your pleasure

The Smart Watch packaging is a square grey cardboard box. This has a product image and details printed on. The watch is stored inside a moulded tray. A set of instructions is also included.

The ABS watch strap is a delightful turquoise colour and is lightweight to hold and feels comfortable to wear during play. With a length strap of inches meaning the watch is suitable to suit most wrists.

The technology aspect of the watch comes into play with it's in built Sense Ecosystem that responds to your movements once synced with the app. As your thrusting speed will be transferred to the VR video you are watching for a full interactive experience. For a naughty but fun experience to your solo session that results in a amazing climax. Whether your watching solely on your phone or through the VR headset.
The controls are placed centrally on the wrist strap in the form of the max button as this allows you to choose the sex position you wish to be taking place right through to the point of view you to watch it from during VR mode. While watching the real sex videos the button is only used to change the scene your viewing.

As the watch is fully waterproof it allows for you to give the watch a good clean over if needed. While it doesn't add to the usage of the toy, it is a useful feature of the watch.

The watch comes fitted with one 3v lithium battery that Sense Max promises to deliver 100 hours of play.

Overall the smart watch is a great product that has provided me some wonderful male solo session. Thanks to Sense Max creating a wonderful piece of technology that has sent male toys right into the future. The watch is also a good alternative to the Sense Tube as it allows you and your hand to enjoy a different type of stimulation to your solo time. The Smart watch is reasonably priced up at £39.99 for a wonderful interactive piece of equipment.

The Sense Max Smart Watch was sent to me by Lovehoney in exchange for an honest review. This in no way has influenced my opinion, which are my own.


There are products available to purchase separately to maximise your VR experience from Sense Max. I also own the Sense Tube Virtual Reality Male Masturbator & the VR headset. Here are the links for the reviews on the two products also on my blog.

Sense Tube Review.

Sense VR Headset Review.


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