Sense Max Sense Tube Virtual Reality Male Masturbator Review. 

The future is here for male masturbators in the form of the Sense Max Sense Tube Virtual Reality Male Masturbator.

I’ve owned some impressive masturbators over the years but this particular Sense Max product has a special feel to it and has the look and feel of a luxury male toy.

The luxury feel begins with the packaging as the masturbator arrives in a smart cardboard box. There is an image of the masturbator and product description printed on. The masturbator is stored in a moulded tray. An instruction leaflet is also included.


The masturbator is a total of 7 inches in length and has three sections. The white outer casing is made of an impressive smooth white silicone. The controls for the masturbator is placed on the front of the casing, while on the top there is an airlock system where you have the option to choose between 1-3 holes or closed off completely. The masturbator is also fully waterproof to enjoy some aquatic fun. There is no need to worry about constantly changing batteries as the masturbator is rechargeable. The magnetic charging point is on the underneath of the casing. The masturbator does require a 2 hour charge before use which will give you a 2.5 battery life.

Inside the casing is a removable white TPE sleeve that has a good length of 6 1/2" and has a variable girth of 1-2" The sleeve itself is lined with a ribbed pattern that will allow your shaft to be pleasured in all the right places to provide a high level of stimulation during a session with the masturbator.

The third part is a turquoise stand that has duel uses as it allows for the inner sleeve to keep it shape between uses. It also is convenient to use as a stand for the sleeve to air dry after the cleaning process has been completed.
The controls are 3 simple buttons that allow for an easy quick press of the '+' or '-' mid-session to increase/decrease the vibrations as the buttons are ideally placed centrally. The mode button is positioned between the two to change the patterns. The buttons are slightly raised which allows them easy to find while having reduced vision as you wear the headset in VR mode. During VR mode there is also a MAX button used which is lowest placed control. To prevent any accidental switch on of the vibrations there is a travel lock system which easily is activated by simply pressing the '+/-' together for 3 seconds.


The masturbator will need to be linked to the sense lover’s app which is only available on android and iOS. There is a full download guide, for a full set of instructions to sync the app with your phone & masturbator. A Bluetooth & Wi-Fi connection is required to sync the masturbator and products

The app host a range of different videos as there is six different VR scenarios to view. In three locations that consist of a hotel room, an office scene, or a mile high club aeroplane scenario. The sexual acts range from a girl performing a blowjob or full penetrative sex. There is also 5 real porn videos that ranges is different sexual acts taking place from oral sex to penetrative sex to toys being used as well.

The VR videos are interactive with the Sense Tube to match the speed you’re thrusting and the strength of vibrations as they combine to the sexual act taking place.


The masturbator can be used in two different ways either solo or with the VR interaction. When using the masturbator solo there is a choice of 5 vibrating patterns and a stunning set of 18 speeds. When connected to the VR mode as there is just one constant vibrating pattern to enjoy but the 18 speeds are still available to experience.

During my many uses with the masturbator I use a medium amount of water based lube and this is a suitable amount to last the whole session. Entry to the sleeve is a delightful tight feel. The ribbed sleeve does offer a good amount of stimulation by itself on my erect shaft before the vibrations are introduced.

Once I've added the vibrations into my session it did further enhance my pleasure as I was impressed with the strength the speeds on offer. Even at the mid-way point they feel very powerful and with still the choice of adding stronger speeds there is something to suit everyone. While each pattern does have their own; pleasures, I much preferred the constant setting.

Using the masturbator you can watch the videos either through your phone or using the VR headset, it does enchant your feelings during play and heighten your feelings especially during orgasm.

I were really surprised how well the VR videos are made and as soon as I began watching it wasn't long before I were beginning to feel that I was the male having sex acts performed on by the girl. The videos are also interactive as you can change the camera angle for a full 360 experience with a quick touch of the centre button. The MAX button does allow for the sex act to change/your point of view during the session or if you hold it down for 3 seconds then the male reaches climax.
While the vibrations aren't overly loud if you do require discreet play then some back ground music would be required.


One of the advantages of the removable inner sleeve is how it allows for an easy clean and keeps and lube or body fluid entering the outer casing. To wash you place the sleeve in warm water and give a spray of sex toy cleaner and for best results is to leave to dry naturally if possible. The outer casing can be wiped over with a wet wipe if required.


The cost of the Sense Max tube is £109.99. Talking from first-hand experience of the toy: The price is fully justified as not only do you get a first class masturbator. All of the videos are sexually pleasurable to watch and combine this with the interactive side of the masturbator; the future of male masturbators is really here for an extremely exciting male masturbation fun and orgasm that will fulfil all of your desires. Sense max also gives you a year warranty with the product.


I can't recommend the sense max product enough to anyone who is considering purchasing a VR sex toy. It really does have everything for a complete male masturbating experience. From the Pleasurable range of vibrations, exciting VR sex videos to watch, stunning interactive element from the masturbator.

The Sense Max Sense Tube Virtual Reality Male was sent to me by Lovehoney in exchange for an honest review. This in no way has influenced my opinions, which are my own.

There are products available to purchase separately to maximise your VR experience from Sense Max. I also own the Sense Max VR Headset & the Sense Max Smart Watch. Here are the links for the two products also on my blog.

Sense VR Headset.

Sense Smart Watch

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