So Divine ‘Wicked Game’ Massaging Wand Review.


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A night of sexual ecstasy is the best words to describe the feelings we experience during play with the So Divine 'Wicked Game' Massaging Wand.

There is a hint of luxury about this particular wand right from the start as the packaging design allows these feelings to be created. With it beautiful array of purple and white colour style and a lovely product image of the wand perfectly positioned on the strong cardboard box.



I was impressed not only with the wand, but with the extra contents of the box as there is a USB plug to go with the rechargeable lead, while the velvet drawstring storage bag is a beautiful purple colour to keep up the luxury feel of the product.



The purple wand is made of a beautifully smooth silicone, which feels lovely to touch and is latex and phthalate free for a complete body safe sex toy. The wand with its duel motors has two delightful ends to enjoy. The flexible head of the wand is suitable for an all over body massage or deep internal pleasure. With an insertable Length of 8 inches a suitable size to enjoy along with a maximum circumference of 5.5 inches. While the longer, tapered end offers a good level of clitoral stimulation.


There is a good choice of vibrating patterns for you to indulge in as you take your pick from the wand's 10 vibrating modes, of 7 patterns and 3 speeds. The patterns are identical to each motor to allow you enjoy the same sensations either end of the wand. Once was quoted “with great power comes great responsibility" those words could have been spoken about this particular wand as So Divine have created the 'wicked game' wand that will be sexually pleasing for all you power queens or out there.

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There are a trio of controls buttons that are ideally placed to use during play. To switch on hold down the centre button for 3 seconds a blue light up. The vibrations work by either pressing the up arrow to work the wands head or the down arrow for the handle end. Choose the end you like to enjoy as they don't work simultaneously together.


There have been many little details with the wand that has impressed me no more so than the wand arriving full charged.  To give you the option of enjoying the wand pleasures instantly.  It does feel that So Divine have put a lot of thought in how to keep their customers satisfied. When charging is required you simply connect the two magnetic points together which will take a total of two hours to charge the wand with the USB lead.image7


The greatest compliment I can give to the wand is during internal play the wand has now joined the exclusive list of toys that has brought my wife squirt during play. As normally vibrating toys usually only stimulation her during clitoral play and we use dildos for internal pleasure. This was a different story with quite a satisfying ending with a gentle coating of water based lube, a smooth entry of the wand head as I slowly inserted the wand in to my wife.

While I may do a little thrusting during play, the handle is the perfect length to aid in this.The preferred act to provide stimulation for my wife's is the wand being fully inserted as it hits all the right places for G-spot stimulation. The constant setting is my wife first choice of pattern to enjoy. Together with the strong vibrations even on level 1 the power was shockingly pleasurable. As I upped the vibrations to level 2 was enough to send her over the edge as orgasm was reached, as play continues and enjoy the 3rd level of vibrations multiple orgasms followed as she enjoyed quite the squirting experience was extremely satisfying.


During a session play doesn't finish there as I swap ends as she enjoys some clitoral stimulation with the tapered end as the vibrations do provide a direct stimulation to her clit. It does also turn in to joint pleasure as penetration follows my wife holds the wand against her clit and directly on to my shaft with each thrust I can feel the vibrations right down the length of my shaft to allow for some wonderful joint vibrating pleasure during sex. That resulted in a mind blowing orgasm for both of us.

As well as sexual pleasure the wand is also suitable to use a body massage to give you a lovely relaxed experience after a hard day when you need to un-wind as the vibrations will leave your body feeling relaxed and refreshed.

If you do enjoy some aquatic fun then the wand can accompany you in the bath/shower as it is fully waterproof.

So Divine does say the wand has quiet motors for discreet play. Personally I would say the motors are not entirely quiet and if you do require discreet play then some background music would be more than sufficient.

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I take the wand in the shower to clean for washing away any lube or body fluid. I give the silicone a spray over with sexy toy cleaner and wash thoroughly, I leave the wand to dry naturally and pop back in the storage back.


I can't help but feel the sale price of £54.99 that you are get a gem of a toy for a fantastic price, one that is considerable less than what competitors charge for a wand; whilst still providing you with the same level of quality.


The So Divine 'Wicked Game' Massaging Wand has everything you need from a wand for a multiple of different reasons. With its double ended design offering two different types of pleasure. A stunning set of vibrating modes and speeds, suitable for solo or couple play. Rechargeable and waterproof to add further quality to the wand all available at a fantastic price. One of the best toys we own and the wand has already become one of our go to toys. 

The So Divine 'Wicked Game' Massaging Wand was sent to me to test by So Divine in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinion which are entirely my own.

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