Bettie Page Picture Perfect Spanking Paddle 

This is my first item from the official Betty Page merchandise range. I picked up the Bettie Page Picture Perfect Spanking Paddle last year for £5, it wasn't only the amazing price that drawn me to the item. The iconic image of Bettie printed on the firm but smooth side of the paddle; I couldn't help think it would be incredibly sexy to receive a spanking direct to my bum cheeks. There are just some items you know are going to be quality from the packaging and this was one of them. As the paddle is well presented with a branded sleeve slipped over a strong black box. The paddle is held securely by two elastic straps, a lovely treat in the box is the little gifts of a Bettie Page key ring and collector card. The paddle is made from faux leather which is important if you’re looking for products not made from real leather. The paddle is a wonderful 12.5" in length and at its widest it is 2.5" there is a branded wrist loop to aid you in having a secure grip as your handing out a spanking. The duel-sided paddle offers two different impact sensations. The smooth side of the paddle with Bettie image on is the firmer side to offer you a firm impact to your body. The reverse is pure black quilted finish with a slight padding feel to offer a light spanking. There is a diamond stitching covering this particular side and has been sewn to a high quality without a loose stitch in sight.The more I use this paddle the more I fall in love with it. I may own spanking instruments that deliver a firm sting, though this paddle may fall into a beginner’s bondage category. There is just something sexy about being spanked by the image of Bettie and does deliver a suitable level of spanking. As the feelings I experience from the paddle has made this item a regular alongside my harder spanking items.

While I like the feel of the quilted side to begin play as it offers a thudded type spank to my bum cheeks which is good for start up play. I like to experience the harder side of the paddle as I fully enjoy the firm slapping that is handed out to me, I do enjoy receiving several slaps to my bum cheeks, to leave me with a lovely red bum. The level of firmness from the paddle is also suitable for beginners to enjoy without feeling overwhelmed at receiving a spanking.Overall the Bettie Page Picture Perfect Spanking Paddle is a wonderful collector item for any fans of the iconic 1950's star. While it is a good choice as a beginner’s item, despite this I would say this is my favourite paddle and with the combination of our other spanking tools it makes an excellent addition to our collection. This was my bargain item of 2016 and my Bettie page collection has grown since purchasing the paddle.

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