DOMINIX Deluxe Sperm Stopper with Glans Ring Review. 

My wife and I are a fairly adventurous couple as we are always prepared to try new experiences when it comes to our sex life back in 2015 we had started introducing male toys in to the bedroom. My wife wanted to use toys to insert in to my penis. So we decided to start this new experience with the DOMINIX Deluxe Sperm Stopper with Glans Ring.
The packaging for the sperm stopper is a small clear packet that you pull apart to open. This is ideal for storing the stopper in between uses. There is a branded leaflet with care instructions printed on.
As excited as I were for the sperm stopper to arrive I were also slightly worried about the size, as the ball were going to be inserted inside my urethra. When in reality as I had the steel sperm stopper in front of me the worries soon disappeared as the 7.9 mm urethral ball looks a relaxing size that will to slip inside my penis with ease. The glans ring is 1.1 inches diameter and fits on the underside of my penis, while the hinge will rest against your frenulum.
I have used the sperm stopper several times before use I do sterilise it fully and place some water based lube around the inside of the glans ring to slip while being semi-erect for a smooth fit under the head of my penis. I cover the urethral ball in a sterile lube so not to cause any UTI's. It is important to relax when you are placing items in your urethra; I know sometimes it is easier to say than practice this. The ball does slip in very easily and is fully inserted fairy quickly as the arch of the hinge sits level on top of your penis. I do love the look it creates as it does appear that I have had my penis pierced for the duration I'm wearing the stopper.

We normally start the session with my just slowly playing with me to get me fully erect ready for penetration, I do enjoy the feeling this being as I can feel the ball moving as it does arouse me. It used to feel a little unusual when I started out using this item now I enjoy the feeling it brings.

The glans ring does feel tight as my erection grew as this contrives for the head of my penis to look bigger for a delightful view. During intercourse my wife does enjoy the feeling the metal hinge to be quite the turn on as it adds an extra excitement to how well stimulated she feels. As our session continued I didn't feel the ball moving around inside of me anymore. Instead my pleasure were of a different nature as I do combine wear the stopper with a cock ring that reduces how soon I orgasm and I were experiencing different sensations as I knew I were ready to climax but the stopper were doing its job and denying me. (This did feel like a slight stinging sensation) I have researched this and it is normal for some men to feel this way during denial play. I don't want this to put you off, as it does honestly allow for the session to continue for a considerable length of time.
For things to get very intense to point that we're both very well stimulated and we both reach orgasm together. I don't always reach climax while wearing the stopper, when I do reach orgasm I really reach orgasm level. As the moment can be quite the experience that really allows me to lose control as the ball slows down my climax for a very slow release and combine this with the extra tightness arriving from the cock and glans ring it really is a stunning feeling to experience.
The ring does feel very comfortable to wear during sex and stayed in place without coming loose in a manner. Sometimes I do find the metal hinge do rub along my frenulum to feel a little sore after a session. But nothing serious and the soreness soon wears off.
To clean the sperm stopper I give it a good clean with sex toy cleaner and warm water to remove any lube or body fluid. So it all clean ready to be sterilised before it next use.

Overall I love the sperm stopper and the feelings that it generates during our sessions and is a good first step into urethral play. With a selling price of £14.99 it a reasonable amount to pay for another DOMINIX product.

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