Sir Richard’s Elements MS Vibrating Masturbation Sleeve.


A Vibrating male masturbator that provides stimulation directly to your frenulum, I am talking about the Sir Richard’s Elements MS Vibrating Masturbation Sleeve which arrived from Betty’s toy box.

The packaging for the masturbator is a smart white box with a moulded tray to store the masturbator and charger to test in. The box is covered by a black branded sleeve which has product details and images printed on. Impressive smart packaging which always adds to the quality feel of the toy you have purchased.

image1 (37)

The slate coloured sleeve is made from phthalate-free silicone. The sleeve feels very smooth to touch and is 3 inches long in length, while the flexible wings are ideally sized to personally wrap around your shaft. Between the two wings the vibrator is sealed in to the silicone as you can experience four different patterns and five speeds that transfer themselves to the series of ribs as you can enjoy the sensations sent directly on to your frenulum or if you choose to use the sleeve on your shaft. You also have the opportunity to take the sleeve in the shower with you as it is fully waterproof from aquatic naughty fun.

The controls are ideally placed to use during a session placed on the lower front of the sleeve. They are a simple '+' to switch on/increase power while the '-' is to switch off/decrease power. While the ‘~ is to change the vibrating patterns. There is also a travel lock system to prevent and accidental switch on of the toy. To active this you hold down the '+' & '~' for 3 seconds.

The lithium battery holds a 1.5 hours use from an 8 hour charge. This is done from the USB charging cable with a magnetic connection. This would be my only criticism of the product is the two points don't deal together particularly well and you do have to rest the masturbator is a particular position for the magnets to securely hold during charging. There is a solid blue light that shows up to indicate its charging.image3 (1)

There are four different vibrating patterns to choose from which are:

1) Constant

2) Slow wave of Escalating

3) Rapid wave of Escalating

4) Intense pulsing with vibrating peaks.

Personal choice for me is the constant setting is the one I use to receive maximum pleasure. Usually with vibrating toys it is best to work your way up through the levels of vibrations; on this occasion I tend to go straight for level 5 such is the intensity of the speed that it provides more stimulation for me to enjoy the faster speed from the beginning right through the duration of my session.

The sleeve can be used with or without lube; I feel a small amount of lube does provide a greater feel of the toy. What impressed me the most is when I placed the masturbator directly on to my frenulum while being fully soft and in no time at all the vibrations had sent me fully erect.

image3 (5)

As I can just simply lie back and enjoy the hands free experience as the direct stimulation to my frenulum as this allows me to feel very sensitive on the tip of my penis. When I do require more pleasure and I begin to experience thrusting the sleeve along my shaft. The ridges do provide a gentle stimulation. It is the feel of the constant vibrations that bring me to climax as they spread themselves evenly over my shaft as I shape my hands over the wings to create a good thrusting motion to give myself an exquisite hand Job. The sleeve is also a joy to use as a couple as my wife takes control of the toy to provide me with some fore-play fun before sex.

image1 (32).JPG

I have been wondering to myself how have I lived without this kind of stimulation in my life. As not only has it fulfilled my pleasures it has exceeded them.

Cleaning of the masturbator is simple as I wash over with water to remove any lube or body fluid. I then give the silicone a spray over with sex toy cleaner to keep the toy in excellent condition between uses. I simply towel dry and store away until it's next use.

The build quality of the masturbator has been made to the highest level and is obvious to see the workmanship of the sleeve. If you did ever experience any problems with the masturbator then you're covered by the 3 year warranty.

Overall Sir Richard Element MS vibrating sleeve is a luxury male toy at it's very best. It is an all-round well designed masturbator with its slick and sexy appearance, while it is a perfectly ideal toy for solo fun or to be used with your partner. There is a stunning level of direct vibrations to feel on your frenulum or for you to enjoy the ultimate hand job from the sleeve.

The Sir Richard's Element MS vibrating sleeve was sent to me to test by Betty's Toy Box in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinion which are entirely my own. The sleeve is currently available for a sale price of $99 for a limited time.

Sir Richards Elements MS Vibrating Masturbation Sleeve














6 thoughts on “Sir Richard’s Elements MS Vibrating Masturbation Sleeve.

  1. AL says:

    How does Sir Richard compare to HOT OCTOPUSS Pocket Pulse with 2 vibration motors.
    Which is best for a flaccid penis?

      1. AL says:

        Thank you for your opinion and review. What’s the best site to purchase this item at the best price?

      2. AL says:

        At this time I get total satisfaction from my Braun Oral B 3D electric toothbrush, is it worth the investment for the Octopuss Pocket Pulse for possible more satisfaction?

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