Masturbation May: TENGA Egg Cool Edition Wavy.

Masturbation May is coming to a close now I have enjoyed writing about some of the masturbators that I own in a series of posts, thank you if you have been reading my posts this month for Masturbation May. I thought I would finish with where I started with a TENGA egg; this one has a slight twist to it compared to the other eggs in the range.

This particular egg is the latest to join the collection; is the Cool edition Wavy

I love the makeover that has took place to replace the standard white outer casing as the cool egg has been given a bright modern blue shell.

image3 (6)

On opening the shell I found this particular TENGA egg to be entirely clear, so it is possible to I see the array of deep ridges that look like they would highly stimulating on my shaft. A sachet of lube comes as standard with TENGA eggs, this sachet in particular will add to the sensations you will experience as it is a menthol infused lube, for you to enjoy a cool sensation during play.

image2 (18)

While the egg is only 2 1/2 inches in height at first sight thanks to the stretch in the TPE material it has the ability to stretch up to 12 inches Therefore the egg will be suitable for many different sized men to enjoy.

I opened the sachet of lubricant to place inside of the egg ready to enjoy the textures as I were emptying the sachet I noticed There is a slight minty aroma to the lube, Once I had started playing with the egg The smell soon vanished and I can say that I noticed the smell during using the egg.

I love the clearness of the egg as I can watch myself being pleasured by the deep ridges surrounding my shaft during play as this adds to the stimulation that I feel during a session with the egg.


The lube does feel smooth to use as TPE material glides down my shaft very smoothly. Though the cooling sensation from the lube wasn't an instant feeling it wasn't long before the cooling element began as I started to feel the coldness throughout my shaft. The sensation does bring mixed feelings as there is a type of strangeness to experience as your shaft has a coldness feel throughout but equally it is an intriguing sensation to enjoy. As I carry on working the ridges they do provide quite the stimulation by themselves all round my chilled shaft, as I work my way up to climax to reach the point of no return, as I enjoyed a tingling sensation to the head of my penis, all thanks to the lube.

The eggs are designed as single use only, but I do find if you’re not too firm with them it is possible to get several uses out the egg. While I did use the lube that were provided in one session a standard water based lube is still suitable. While you won’t get the coldness or tingle feeling the ridges on there are still pleasurable to enjoy without added sensations.

I do wash the egg out with warm water to remove any lube or body fluid and give it a rinse over with sex toy cleaner, I do allow the TPE material to stay out overnight to air dry and simply pop back in the shell until its next use.

While I do own bigger and different styles of masturbators, I do enjoy the TENGA eggs as you do have a choice of trying different sensations from each egg in the collection. This particular egg is a wonderful addition to the TENGA egg family. At a sale price of £9.99 or two for £15 it is worth ordering one. Whether it is your first masturbator or you're adding it to your collection of male masturbators, it will be a product to enjoy through solo play or with your partner.





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