Masturbation May: THRUST Alana,Three-sum masturbator experience.

I couldn’t do a series of posts on masturbators to mark Masturbation May without including a toy from lovehoney THRUST range and in particular the THRUST Pro Elite Alana Ribbed Vagina & Ass Mega Masturbator.

When I think back to my first masturbator and I felt slightly overwhelmed about a Tenga egg pleasuring my penis. Yet here I am welcoming a masturbator the size of Alana into our bedroom that she honestly feels like a 3rd person in bed with us. It shows how my opinion has changed using male sex toys and how much I’m enjoying regularly using masturbation toys alongside a healthy sex life with my wife.

I purchased Alana at the end of last year when I seen her in lovehoney Black Friday event. I managed to purchase the masturbator for an £100 less than the sale price of £219. This is the most amount of money I have spent on a sex toy. I was slightly anxious to see if she were going to provide me with the pleasure to justify the large pay out.

Alana arrived in a large THRUST branded cardboard box with a brightly orange and black branded design. She really is on the large size, so it is sensible to make sure you have got somewhere to store her before purchasing as she won’t quite fit in your bedside draw. Alana is stored inside a clear moulded base and lid. She has been given a coating of renewal powder, which shows she has been kept in top condition after manufacturing. There is also an instructions leaflet included.

First impressions were how Alana is of a realistic appearance as she were a treat both visually to view and delightful to touch. The first noticeable factor about Alana is her weighty feel, this fact does allow her to stay perfectly still during penetration as this does go a long way in allowing her to be a perfect hands free male masturbator.

Her design is perfectly spot on as the TPE finish gives Alana a lovely smooth bum which has a soft feel to her cheeks, to allow you to have a firm grip on her bum during sex. She has been moulded to represent a realistic sized bum and her skin is a perfect nude colour.On to the Holy Grail of the toy Alana Vagina, does give of a mouth-watering appearance, one that you can dream about playing with as it does look incredibly real as the clitoral hood and those sweet tight pink lips are just begging to be kissed, licked and fingered before you lube yourself up and enter a gentle amount of lube inside the perfectly angled Alana’s  ribbed canal for a masturbation session of your life. Then of course there is her lovely tight ass waiting as well to be entered as you can choose which canal you choose to enjoy, or mix it up and enjoy the best of both worlds.I love placing  Alana on the chest at the end of our bed, so I can stand behind Alana, and enjoy how the entry feels on my shaft as it adds to the stimulation I experience as I can feel her lips surround myself as I enjoy the tight feeling Alana offers. I soon were fully penetrating Alana as she is very easy to slid down and I enjoy the ribbed sensations on my shaft. I did begin to speed up my thrusting as each new thrust does bring wave after wave of pleasure the orgasms I have experienced really are enjoyable every time I have had sex with her that she does leave me in a high state of arousal as I enjoy climaxing inside of her pussy.

I haven’t climaxed inside Alana bum I tend to switch to her bum mid-way through a session and then switch back to her vagina to climax. I do enjoy penetrating her bum as there is a nice tight entry and again the ribbed canals are delightfully pleasurable on my shaft. You really are spoilt for choice as to which canal you like to use for pleasure but both will leave you stimulated.I have used Alana during solo male masturbation and used her with my wife for some couple fun. She has added a new dimension in the bedroom with us as it does give of the feel that there is another woman in the bedroom with us. We both certainly embrace the moment as my wife enjoys watching the experience and it is an added kink to be having sex with Alana in front of her.

To clean Alana, I do wash her out in the bath with the shower head to wash out any lube or body fluid that can run out from the hole that is placed at the base of Alana. I then wash her over with a sex toy cleaner and leave her to fully dry overnight. The next day I give her a coating of renewal powder to keep her skin feeling soft and smooth, and this will keep Alana in top condition to preserve the lifeline of this glorious masturbator.As I said at the start of the review I said Alana is the most expensive sex toy I have brought and I were hoping I wasn’t going to be disappointed with paying out a large amount of money for the masturbator. It really is worth every penny that I spent on this glorious masturbator.  Even at full price she is still worth the purchase as she will give the several types of pleasure for many years to come. I really would recommend to start saving, if you have got your eye on owing Alana.

Alana really is a dream to own, and she is my favourite masturbator and has brought me several types of pleasure, whether it is during my solo play time or enjoying have sex with Alana as my wife watches. She is a wonderful hands free masturbator that is a pleasure to stand behind and it is very easy to pretend a girl is just waiting for you to enjoy her two glorious canals from behind.

9 thoughts on “Masturbation May: THRUST Alana,Three-sum masturbator experience.

  1. sirspanker says:

    I know it’s been a while since you wrote this but I’m hoping you can still respond:
    I wanted to know about Alana’s butt cleavage. After I enjoy a woman’s wonderful play holes I like to finish with an “assjob” – like a titty fuck except using her butt cleavage. I love rubbing my dick between a pair of delicious ass cheeks until I explode all over her backside.
    Would Alana’s butt cleavage work for this?

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