Masturbation May: My first vibrating masturbator. 

My 3rd post in a series of male masturbators, As were already at the half way point of masturbation May. This toy was my introduction in to vibrating masturbators as it were one hell of a introduction as I welcomed lovehoney's O Force Male Vibrator into my toy collection.

The packaging has a lovely blue and white theme as this is standard with lovehoney male range of toys. With a product picture proudly shown on the front and a description of the toy on the reverse. Inside the masturbator is held securely inside two moulded plastic bases. An instruction leaflet is included.

The Masturbator is made from a sleek black silicone silicone, while the middle section is ribbed to allow for a firm grip in the palm of your hand during a session. The push button control is positioned on the lid to the battery compartment, which you unscrew to place 3 X AA batteries in. There is a silver strip positioned underneath the lid. The opening to the masturbator is a wide mouth shape which does reduce in width the deeper you push your penis in.

One quick press of the button which does have the lovehoney heart moulded in and the toy soon kicks in to life as you experience a good range of powerful vibrations as you take your pick from the five different speeds.

I gave my penis a covering with some water-based lube. Even though I wish the vibrator were longer in length then the 3inch insertable length. Entry did feel really smooth as I inserted my erect shaft in, I must admit i enjoyed there being a smaller width at the top of the toy as I liked the feeling of tightness around the tip of my penis.

I love the direct stimulation of the vibrations as they allowed me to feel an instant excitement as they surround the head of my penis. Impressively the vibrations also transfer themselves fully down your shaft to allow for a good level of pleasure to your penis right through the session. I started of with the two lower speeds to have a gentle beginning to play before I takes the speeds up a level and enjoy the deeper vibrations of level 3 & 4 as they do get me feeling very stimulated and close to orgasm, there always room for one more level of vibrations right? I set the process in motion and one quick press of the button and I'm in a pleasure heaven as the fifth level brings me to stunning finish as I orgasm in style.

Another first I got to experience with the O force was to enjoy a toy in the shower as the masturbator is fully waterproof. I love sex in the shower as it does bring a different level of pleasure. I never considered toys in water before. I can clearly say my orgasms were heightened by having this toy accompanying me in the shower as the mix of water and vibrations are a treat to enjoy.

While I wouldn't say the vibrations are overly noisy, if you did require a discreet play then some background music would be required to mellow out the sound of the vibrations.

The silicone is easy to wash over as I rinse out and lube or body fluid. I give the silicone a spray over with sex toy cleaner and wash over. Simply leave to air dry over night.

Overall I feel this were a good introduction into vibrating masturbators as I enjoyed the feel of the vibrations being transferred on to my penis for an enjoyable session. The masturbator is a good to use during solo play or equally as a couple for a guaranteed good time that we both can enjoy the experience.

The O Force Male Vibrator was sent to me by lovehoney in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are my own.

This particular model has already been discontinued by lovehoney. There is a second model that is now stocked.

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