Masturbation May: Lovehoney Reversible Double Stroker Climax Ribs (Blue) Review. 

This is my second post to celebrate all the good things during Masturbation May. Since my first male toy I have built up a varied collection of masturbators. My next toy I wanted to include in the series of posts is the Lovehoney Reversible Double Stroker Climax Ribs (Blue)

I do admire the manner of lovehoney packaging for their male toys as it allows you to feel there is a quality male toy inside. As The colour scheme is a delightful blue and white cardboard box. There is a photo of the masturbator presented on the box with just a brief description of the product, for an all-round excellent packaging. While inside the stroker is wrapped hygienically inside a clear plastic bag.

The stroker has two delightful sensations for you to enjoy as there is the choice of flexible nodules or a ribbed effect the two different sensations do cover the whole length of the toy. Entry in to the stroker is a half an inch hole at the base, while on the opposite end of the stroker there is a small hole to allow for an air flow.

One fact I love about this stroker is because of its petite size if I'm in the mood for a play but short on time then the stroker is very handy to use for a good pleasuring. Without the time that is required for larger masturbators.

I do enjoy both the sensations of the stroker but personally for me the ribs have the upper hand on pleasing me the most. To begin play I give my penis a light coating of lube and place a small amount inside the toy. Entry into the stroker is smoothly done as the stretch in the material allows for easy insertion especially when I'm entering the sleeve fully erect. Once I fully inserted in the stroker is a nice slim fit around my shaft.

I like to begin play with slow thrusts to enjoy a gentle feel of the ribs to build up a suitable level of stimulation as the ribs do rub me in all the right places that gives me the desire to want to speed up the thrusts as I genuinely love the feeling the ribbed effect has on my shaft as the pleasure builds I can feel the stroker is in charge of my enjoyment and as I climax inside of the stroker it is a wonderful moment of sexual happiness I experienced.
While I may not have climaxed using the nodules side of the stroker, I prefer to enjoy them being an ideal start to my session as the nodules do build up my levels of pleasure before switching to the ribbed side. They are good to use in a spot of fore-play to use before a sex session. One of the reasons that I don't climax is the pleasure I receive from the nodules is most noticeable as I prefer the slow thrust of the stroker as the nodules rubs me in all the right manner to create a sensitive feel to my shaft. A change of speed alters the pleasure pattern of the nodules as they don't have same pleasurable feel with faster thrusts.

During play it is easy for my penis to slip through the air hole. I do find this to be a turn on as I enjoy watching the sight this as I bring the stroker back down my shaft it does create the appearance of the head of my penis looking larger. The down side to this is particularly when you’re thrusting faster the stroker can be fairly noisy. Just keep this in mind if you’re in need of a discreet play.

To wash the stroker is very quick and simple as any lube or body fluid will wash off very easy under the tap. Then I give it a wash over with sexy toy cleaner and simply leave to air dry overnight.
Overall I do love the double stroker as the nodules provide me with some fun fore-play feelings while the ribs offer me a fun time and bring me to climax during a session. It is a lovely and petite masturbator that is convenient for a quick play. The size allows it to be a perfect choice to take away for a naughty night away. With the stroker appearance not being of a realistic vagina allows it to be a non-threatening ideal first for choice to introduce masturbators into their sex life. The stroker is reasonably priced at £12.99 and is currently being discontinued by lovehoney. The stroker was sent to me by lovehoney in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are my own.


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