Sinful Sunday 316: lads night in. 

What inspired me to take this photo on Friday night for this week’s Sinful Sunday image, were my wife was out on a hen night so I had to keep myself entertained for the night and since it is bank holiday weekend there is plenty of time to chill and enjoy the long weekend break. So I had a lad’s night in to myself so I took it upon myself to have some game time on the Wii. While enjoying the taste of my favourite alcoholic drink in the form of Jack Daniels No 7 Tennessee whisky, the night were sure to end in some sexual pleasure in the shape of my favourite male masturbator range with the extremely pleasurable THRUST Pro Ultra Chloe.

26 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday 316: lads night in. 

  1. sub-Bee says:

    A perfect night in, although once I’ve picked up a controller I takes a great deal of effort to put it down again…just one more level…

  2. Posy Churchgate says:

    I love that you are ‘loud and proud’ about your solo play! Even in a loving relationship we should all take time to love ourselves – not only a fabulous experience but you may get ideas for couples play too! It’s sad if anyone’s OH takes a ‘wank’ session as an indication that they’re not enough for you!
    Anyway all aspects of your night were sorted! Lovely.

    1. bondagegod says:

      Thank you for your comment. There nothing wrong with some solo play. My wife enjoys watching or if she is out then she loves hearing about my play time and which toy has pleasured me.

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