DOMINIX Deluxe Steel Glans Ring Review. 

DOMINIX Deluxe Steel Glans Ring may be one of the cheapest and simplest items I have ever brought from lovehoney; it is one of the best purchases I have ever made.
For many reasons the visual appearance once on myself and the extra pleasure that it has brought to our sex sessions for my wife and I to enjoy.

The packaging for the glans ring is a small clear packet that you pull apart to open. It is ideal for storing the ring in between uses. There is a branded leaflet with care instructions printed on.

The stainless steel ring is 1.25 in diameter and the ball is designed to be placed under your frenulum. This does provide sensitivity for the wearer and the receiver to feel vaginal stimulation during use. The ring is very lightweight as it only weighs 9g.

I love the feeling of slipping the ring on as I add a small amount of lube to the ring and place on while being semi-erect for an easier secure fit under the head of my penis. As my erection got harder I could feel the tightness of the ring around my shaft and my head was immediately looking bigger, which was my reason for buying the glans ring, since then it has become so much more and we have experienced some very intense sessions.

The feeling that we experienced when I first wore the ring really did take us both by surprise as the ring added to the stimulation my wife felt with each thrust as the ball were pleasuring her to build up her excitement as she is enjoying the extra feeling of my raised head, while continuing to look bigger the more aroused I become. While the feeling I experience during sex is of a very intense nature as wearing the ring does reduces how soon I climax, as our session hots up, the sex does get fairly intense with the feeling the metal ring provides and it does result in a quite an epic multiple orgasm for us both. This is the reason why we both love to experience the glans ring regularly.

To remove any body fluid or lube I wash the ring in warm water after giving it a spray in sex toy cleaner. I also sterilise the glans ring as the ring does pull apart to remove the ball. Once the cleaning process has taken place the ball slots back together easily.

Overall, the glans ring is a simple design yet absolutely stunning to enjoy during sex as we have enjoyed some fantastic times between the sheets. I love how the ring allows my head to look bigger and it does provide quite the stimulation for us both. At a price of £12.99 it really is a great price for an item that has given us hours of pleasure. I can't recommend the glans ring enough and I hope my review does convince you to buy this item from lovehoney.

3 thoughts on “DOMINIX Deluxe Steel Glans Ring Review. 

    1. bondagegod says:

      Glad I have informed you that the ball comes off. No I have never tried a vibrator against the ball. Have you? Yes it does look very good on a erect cock.

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