Sinful Sunday 315: Discontinued Toys. 

This is my first photo uploaded to sinful Sunday. I hope you like my idea for my first upload. I thought I would do a simple photo of my favourite toy. In the end I decided to take a different angle and selected one of my favourite toys that has been discontinued.

I lay the sensual glass juicer textured dildo on a bed of black rose petals to represent it demise from being available to purchase.

24 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday 315: Discontinued Toys. 

    1. bondagegod says:

      Thank you little switch bitch. Glad you like my idea of the black rose petals. That a shame you never got round to purchasing the juicer. Is one of the best glass toys lovehoney ever sold.

  1. Molly says:

    Welcome to Sinful Sunday. I hope you enjoy being part of this community. Do you have a Twitter account, if so can you tweet at me so I can find you. I am @mollysdailykiss


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