Thrust Pro Ultra Holly Realistic Vagina Review.

To join my THRUST Pro Ultra collection, I received Holly realistic vagina as a Christmas present.

I enjoy these masturbators in a solo session as a couple we enjoy using them together as they do create a third person feel in bed with us.

The smart finish to red and black colour scheme of the packaging indicates there is a male toy of a high quality nature waiting inside for you. There is a product photo and description of the masturbator on the packaging. Holly is double wrapped inside two clear sealed plastic bags, allowing you to know she arrives hygienically clean. There is also an instructions leaflet included.

image1 (28)



The exterior finish of Holly does match the Belle masturbator that I already own. I do like the appearance of the THRUST Pro Ultra toys and how they feel to hold during a session. This is why I wanted to own more of the THRUST toys. Holly is made out of TVP that has a smooth finish to the exterior while also feeling soft to touch. While the ribbed section, allows for a firm grip during a session. The nude colouring of the masturbator is an ideal shade of colouring that allows for a skin colour appearance. Holly raised sweet lips do look delightfully tempting to slip in between, to enjoy 6 glorious inches of a realistic feel to Holly canal. If you are interested in more pleasure then this is possible thanks to the small hole placed on the base of the masturbator where you can  slip a vibrating bullet in to for some extra special sensations to further enjoy your time with Holly.

image2 (13)


To begin play with Holly, I use a medium amount of water-based lube inside her open canal and she is ready to go, I find this is enough lube to last the session without the need to re-apply frustratingly mid-session. The entry in to Holly vagina is a similar feeling to entering Belle as my erect shaft passes through her lips the wonderfully tight feeling is still there and is the perfect start to a session as it allows me to feel stimulated right from the start.

image1 (29)


As I begin delving deeper in to Holly's realistic canal I do feel an instant pleasure to my erect shaft as her textures know how to satisfy me right from the off and I did make sure I took each thrust slowly to enjoy the moment. I did find as I we're building up speed my penis did slip out of the end of the masturbator which did further stimulate me as it was quite the view seeing myself slipping in and out of Holly canal. Normally by this stage I would introduce a bullet to further enchant my session, such is the pleasure I feel from the realistic textures I prefer to enjoy purely by themselves as I have enjoyed some fairly intense orgasms with Holly as it is a sweet feeling when I fill her canal.

image2 (3)


To wash Holly after use I clean her externally first with a spray of lovehoney sex toy cleaner and wash her over with warm water. I then wash her internally to remove any body fluid or lube. For best results you can turn the masturbator inside out and wash her over in the same method as the above. I leave her out to dry overnight.

There is after care with the THRUST range of toys to keep them in top condition. This includes giving coating to all sides of Belle with a renewal powder (I use the THRUST powder)

To store I pop the masturbator in a THRUST mesh storage bag.

image1 (30)


Holly selling price is £24.99 which is a reasonable price for a masturbator that is a well-made male toy. That is lovely to hold during play, while the sensations do allow you to enjoy a delightful orgasm, if you wish to you can add a vibrator for further stimulation. If looked after with the correct care then Holly will be offering you pleasure for many years to come.

Overall Holly has been a lot of fun to introduce her to the bedroom and she is capable of allowing for several types of pleasure. Holly is also great fun for us to enjoy as a couple, as my wife enjoys seeing Holly realistic canal bring me to climax, with a heightened pleasure as she purchased Holly to stimulate me. While she also feels delightful to use during some male solo time for an orgasmic result every time. I'm enjoying experiencing the different sensations the THRUST Pro Ultra collection is bringing into my life.




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