Thrust Pro Ultra Belle Super Bumps Vagina Review.


Lovehoney THRUST range is my favourite brand for male masturbators. I have acquired quite the collection over the past year. My love affair with the THRUST range started in 2016 when I was given the opportunity to review THRUST Pro Ultra Belle Super Bumps Vagina 410g as she was a new item added to the existing range.

image1 (4)


I do like the image lovehoney has created with the packaging as the lovely red and black colour scheme portrays a quality item inside, as the cardboard box is finished off with a product photo and a description of the masturbator. While importantly belle comes double wrapped inside two clear sealed plastic bags, allowing you to know she arrives hygienically clean. There is also an instructions leaflet included.

I do love the finished appearance of the masturbator as I feel it does allow for maximum enjoyment during use. As belle has been made out of TVP and is lovely and soft to feel while there is a ribbed section that allow for a firm grip during a session. I adore the nude colouring of the masturbator as it does help with the realistic image which is aided by Belle’s raised sweet lips. That does look a treat ready to be penetrated. Where you will be experiencing 6 inches of super bumpy textures if that wasn't enough pleasure by itself there is a small hole on the base to slip a bullet in to for added vibration sensations.

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image2 (2)


To begin play with Belle, I use a medium amount of water-based lube inside her open canal and she is ready to go, I find this is to be enough lube to last the session without the need to re-apply frustratingly mid-session. The entry in to belle vagina is quite the experience by itself as my erect shaft passes through her lips for the first time the tightness of those delicious lips is a wonderful feeling to begin the session.

image2 (3)


As I slowly slipped my shaft inside Belle bumpy textured canal the feelings I started to experience were pleasurable as the bumps do instantly stimulate my shaft. After working up a good rhythm and now fully inserted I were enjoying the full depth of the textures, As I am now feeling further aroused as I could feel the excitement building with each thrust. As my penis did slip out the open end of the masturbator during thrusting, i did enjoy the sight of this happening, to further add to my excitement of the session. By this point it seemed the right time to add a bullet to the session. I got a reaction I didn't expect as the vibrations were feeling fairy strong inside Belle canal and taking my pleasure to new heights as the vibrations further stimulated myself in particular the head of my penis while the bumps were pleasing my shaft, soon after adding the vibrations I was at the point of no return as I slipped myself back inside belle sweet canal and released myself to complete a pleasurable session.

To wash Belle after use I clean her externally first with a spray of lovehoney sex toy cleaner and wash her over with warm water. I then wash her internally to remove any body fluid or lube. For best results you can turn the masturbator inside out and wash her over in the same method as the above. I leave her out to dry overnight.

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There is after care with the THRUST range of toys to keep them in top condition. This includes giving coating to all sides of Belle with a renewal powder (I use the THRUST powder)

To store I pop the masturbator in a THRUST mesh storage bag.

Belle normal price is £24.99 which is a reasonable price for a masturbator that is a well-made male toy. That is lovely to hold during play, while the sensations pleasure you in a delightful manner and a choice of adding a vibrator for further stimulation creates an ideal male masturbator. Belle is being discontinued by lovehoney. She has been for sale at £12.49 for a while now, which is a fantastic bargain and is worth purchasing one before they have gone.

Overall the THRUST masturbator has been a good introduction to the world of realistic masturbators. With some great sensations as the super bumps do offer a wonderful session Not only is belle great to use in a solo sessions, she also is compatible to use as couple to create the fantasy of 3rd person being involved. The masturbator was sent to me by lovehoney in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are my own.


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