Christian Grey ties.

There are many sides to Christian Grey, one factor that is associated to Mr Grey is his collection of ties from his grey tie right threw to his black bow tie. I do have the pleasure of owning both ties which I purchased from lovehoney
What I love about the ties is how they do appear to be innocent clothing to the public eye but how in the bedroom they can automatically switch to a restraining item.

Christian silky tie from the original film has been designed with a delightful quilted finish while the sliver and grey colours perfectly respect the FSOG range. As for the tie itself it is a well-made luxury tie that improves the look of a suit and the colours really stand out to allow you the image of dressing to impress.

While in the bedroom my wife does find a suit and tie a turn-on & does allow for several different types of role-play scenarios. The real fun in the tie is the secret it holds as in an instant I can switch the tie to a wrist restraint. As there are two loops on the inside of the tie one is situated near the base of the tie and has Christian Grey signature printed on while the other loop is placed on the neck band. You simply make the tie in to a loop and wrap around a bed post and slip your lover wrists through the loop and simply secure for a sexy but mischievous restraint. The tie can also be used as an ankle restraint or even simply a blindfold.

The Fifty Shades Darker His Rules Bondage Bow Tie is my favourite out of the two ties as I enjoy the appearance and feels it is more of a kinkier restraint. I can also combine the tie with my FSD masquerade mask.

The fabric bow tie has a luxurious silky black finish and looks quality throughout while the length of the tie ranges from 14.5 to a 20 inch neck making the tie very versatile and completely ideal to wear to a masquerade ball.

As a restraint I do love how the tie allows me to restrain my wife. As there is a hidden loop on the neck band that allows you to create a loop to secure the tie in place. A lovely touch I discovered were the fifty shades darker logo lightly printed on the inside of the tie which isn't noticeable until removed from wear.

We do own a good range of restraints the ties are ideal for beginners who are taking their first steps in to bondage play. The exciting element of the ties for us is how they allow for a innocence kink to them as using a regular item and what it can turn in to allows for a great range of scenarios to be created, we have created a fair few with the ties from Christian and Anastasia, in particular creating scenes from the film which is particularly exciting especially the scene in FSD at the masquerade ball.

Overall the ties are a great addition to my suits as they do create an impressive look and is ideal to wear to formal events. While the secrets both ties hold are fun as only me and wife knows what they are capable of once we return home to the bedroom and priced at £9.99 & 12.99 respectably make them great value for money with their double use.

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