LHM Stripe Mesh

There are many attributes to these LHM stripe Mesh Open Back Boxer that allows me to enjoy wearing these regularly. The appearance of the boxers is one that I love the image that is portrayed as the stripes allow for a smart but sexy look as there is a wonderful contrast between the solid black stripes and the see through stripes which allows for slight glimpses of my penis. The appearance of the boxers is enchanted by the delightful tailored support pouch that allows for a mighty impressive view of your penis. There is a wide waistband with the boxers which does have the accustomed LHM logo attached.

While I'm enjoying the appearance of the alternating stripes my favourite section of the boxers is the open panel on the reverse of the shorts which allows for my bum to be left exposed, I do enjoy the revealing element as it allows me to give my wife a cheeky glimpse of my bum. There is also a slight kink factor involved as the open panel leaves my wife with the option to spank me when she feels the desire to. It does allow for a lovely appearance of my ever so red sore bum in the confines of the open panel radius.

I wear the size S/M which is a 30-36 waist going on lovehoney size guide. I am a size 30 waist & they do allow for a good fit. While the boxers do still provide the right amount of stretch to cover the recommended size guide.

The boxers are hand cold wash only I have washed them this way several times and they are still of the same quality as when I purchased them.

The boxers are £12.99 each or there is normally a deal on to purchase two pairs for £16. Which does represent excellent value for your money.

Overall the boxers are a lovely treat to wear as they create a sexy appearance, while also being extremely comfortable during all day to the point where you don't notice the open back. While the feeling of knowing you bum is exposed under your jeans brings an added excitement to your day. When your ready to reveal all to your partner there is the cheeky glimpse of your bum on offer to allow them a firm squeeze of your cheeks or to give a spanking to your exposed bum.

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