Model Of The Month Boxers Review


I've re-named the LHM Microfibres Lace Up Boxer Shorts my model of the month underwear after I scooped the award back in April 2016.

With this comment from Lovehoney.

"Phwoar! We reckon this shot of bondagegod in jeans unbuttoned to show off his LHM Microfibre Lace Up Boxer Shorts looks like something out of the pages of fashion magazine"   (See photo above)

These particular LHM boxers were the first pair I brought for myself as I had tested the lace pair for lovehoney. I did like the lace tie up details of these shorts as they portrayed quite the sexy appearance as the laces tie up over my penis, while I felt it would also add some extra fun to bedtime play as it gives my wife the chance to undress in a teasing manner. The boxers are made of a black silky material which does allow for a smart appearance to the boxers, there is a good support pouch for my penis which allows for a comfortable fit when wearing the boxers for the duration of the day, also it does gives a fine appearance to myself in the shorts as well. As with all LHM underwear there is the black logo tag attached to the elasticated waistband.

I do love wearing these boxers as they are comfortable to wear and I do like the appearance the boxers allows me to feel sexy and confident in them as the silky material creates a good image of my bum, while the lace tie up is a favourite of my wife as her eyes always light up when I’m modelling them for her. She loves the fun of un-tying the laces as a wonderful start to some naughty fun.

I wear the size S/M which is a 30-36 on lovehoney size guide. I am a size 30 waist and they do fit me for a good fit. While there is plenty of stretch in the waistband to cover the recommended sizes guide.

The boxers are cold hand-wash only. I washed them this way now several times and there have never been any negative effects to the boxers.

The boxers are £12.99 each or there is usually a deal on to purchase the boxers in the 2 for £16 offer, which does represent excellent value for money.

Overall, I love these boxers and they are still a favourite of mine even now with owing several more pairs of the LHM range. Comfortable to wear all day, sexy on the eye and come bedtime they are a lot of fun as the laces are un-tied.


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