Christian and Anastasia masquerade mask reviews.


The masquerade ball was one of my favourite chapters in the fifty shades darker book. I was pleased to see it brought to life in the film. With a masquerade ball of course means masquerade masks. The masks in the film are well designed and look the part as Anastasia mask is quite simply beautiful while Christian is dark and mysterious.

I was pleased when lovehoney added Christian and Anna masquerade masks to their fifty shades darker collection. I had the opportunity to review Christian mask for lovehoney,
While Anastasia's mask I quickly purchased.

The sleekness of the midnight blue FSD packaging has always been impressive and the masks are no exception. As the masks arrived in a cardboard slip with a cut out to view part of the mask while the image of the mask is printed on the sleeve to give the illusion your viewing the full mask design.


Anastasia mask is made up of a silver embroidered thread and has been sewn in to a delicate soft lace. Cleverly added to the lace detail is a range of patterns of items from the fifty shades stories. (Handcuffs, Chain links & Roses) Bondage and romance throw in to the design which I feel is a great idea by the designers and will appeal to fans of the range. The edges of the mask does look very glamorous as there are sets of sparkling gems which only help to enchant the beauty of Anastasia’s mask. There is a soft silver ribbon to secure the mask during wear. The only downside to this for some people would be how the FSD logo is printed on the ribbon and can clearly been seen during wear.


While Christian's is a firmer mask as it has a moulded finish. The mask is a simple design but it does creates a deep suave appearance as there is a series of textured cracks imprinted in to the black leather style mask which looks impressive. There are details to the mask that will appeal to fans of the range as there is the FSD logo printed on the inside of the mask. While the soft black ribbon to secure the mask has the FSD logo lightly printed round unlike Anastasia they don't stand out.


The masks are perfect if you have an upcoming masquerade ball to attend to. We have kept the masks to wear in the bedroom and indulge in some Christian and Anastasia roleplay.

The masks do allow us to have our own individual look. Anastasia mask is Beautiful and very elegant while Christian is dark and mysterious.




I did combine wearing Christian's mask with my FSD bow tie and the image it created was very immense as my wife felt she had her own Mr Grey in the bedroom. I adore the look that it does give to my eyes as they become dark but also sexually tempting at the same time. The mask does do very well in highlighting the features of your face. As the shape of the mask allows this as the moulded finish is an ideal fit to my face, while the ribbons do securely hold the mask in place during wear.

My wife wore the mask with Beyonce corset which did go well together. I feel the design of the mask it could easily work with different styles of lingerie. There is so much beauty in the mask as the soft lace rests on her face to allow her to create an artistic image. That looks beautiful but seductive as her facial features are highlighted to a desired effect as the soft lace surrounds her eyes to draw the beauty in while still allowing her to remain hidden behind it all. The stunning mask is finished off in style as the gems that surround the edges of the mask do allow a sparkling finale to Anastasia masquerade ball mask.

The masks have been suitable for a number of scenarios. With us wearing both masks together is ideal for some fifty shades roleplay and with the scene in the film at Christian bedroom with the bow tie has been re-created and our collection of FS toys been used to great effect. While wearing Christian mask on my own does create a dark handsome stranger feel in the bedroom which is quite sexual. While my wife wearing the mask combined with lingerie did make for a wonderful night of slow lovemaking.

Both masks are priced at £14.99 which is a reasonable price for two quality masks that are ideal for attending a masquerade ball or to indulge in some bedroom roleplay.

Christian mask were sent to me by lovehoney in exchange for an honest review. This is no way influences my opinions, which are my own.

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