LHM Wet Look & Sheer Mesh Boxer Shorts


Are you on the hunt for a new pair of boxers or after a sexy gift for your partner? Then a good place to start could be the new LHM Wet Look & Sheer Mesh Boxers shorts by lovehoney.


I do like the LHM range and own several pairs from the range. I was particularly impressed with the new boxers in many ways. As I feel the new boxers have added an extra dimension to the range as the wet look is a great addition to the appearance of the shorts and the right combination of the mesh and wet look material has been used for maximum effect.

There is a delightful wide wet look waistband with the traditional LHM logo attached. The eye catching feature of the boxers is the wet look tailored black front pouch that is sexy from the front while the inside has a soft lining. The black mesh adds a smart look to the underwear as it as it covers your hips and bum cheeks to show them off in a delightful manner.The bottom edge of the shorts is trimmed of in a wet look finish.

I like how the LHM boxers have the ability to allow you to feel sexy but also suitably comfortable for all day wear. I did wonder with the wet look whether they would feel the same. This never turned out to be an issue as the lining on the support pouch has a lot to do with this as my penis feel comfortable and well supported. The mesh also feels lovely on my skin and I would in fact say these boxers are a dream to wear all day.

The look of the boxers is outstanding as they do make me look particularly impressive and i do love the appearance of my penis through the wet look as the outline is visible and looks impressive for me to see, making me feel sexy with a slight kink factor involved. It is also safe to say my wife enjoyed my new boxers, as she enjoyed how my package is highlighted by the wet look pouch while seeing my bum in the sheer mesh she does love to have a cheeky feel of the mesh over my bum. When I wear these particular boxers she does enjoy this and is a little teasing for her while enjoying the fact as to what underneath my jeans as she will be enjoying the view later on in the bedroom.

The size guide for the boxers is S/M which covers a 30-36 Waist. These did fit me comfortably with being a size 30 while still providing enough stretch to cover the size range.

The boxers cost £12.99 each but generally you do find them on offer for 2 for £15. Which I feel is a great price to pay for two quality pairs of well-made boxers.

Overall these are a fantastic sexy pair of boxers and the wet look design is a great addition to the LHM range. The boxers are great to wear whether it is during the day or sexy night time use. There Comfortable sexy and great on the eye. Everything you need for new pair of boxers.

The boxers were sent to me by lovehoney in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are my own.


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