Fifty shades darker no bounds collection flogger review.

Now February is upon and it is only 10 days till fifty shades darker is released at the cinema. I thought I would share my review of my favourite FSD bondage item.

Having previously brought the riding crop from the fifty shades darker no bounds collection my wife were looking at the collection and said to me "I would like the flogger so I can whip your bum with it" how could I possibly say no to an offer of that nature. Since last year the roles have been reversed in the bedroom and my wife's dominate side have come out to play. I am happily enjoying receiving the spankings and seeing how she has taken charge of our bondage sessions.

Our third wedding anniversary was approaching and we like to stick to buying each other a traditional gift which this year was leather. We were both struggling to find each other a gift. So we decided the flogger would be our gift to each other.

We waited to our anniversary evening to open the flogger it did feel quite special as the stunning blue velvet storage bag lay in front of us. The bag is securely tied up with a smooth ribbon. There is the fifty shades darker logo proudly printed on the right corner of the velvet.

As we slowly pulled open the smooth ribbon to see the storage bag is lined with blue smooth satin. As we removed the flogger and we both had our first look and feel of the flogger, we both knew in that moment we had a truly outstanding flogger in our company as there is so much to admire that we could clearly see why the flogger is limited edition and a part of the no bounds collection.

On first inspection of the flogger and what stood out to me the most was the handle as it looked a good size solid handle to hold and is beautifully covered in a leather braided finish as the appearance looks like the handle will provide you with a wonderful grip. The FSD logo is suitably placed at the end of the handle. There is a wrist strap attached to the handle if you prefer to secure your wrist during use. The flogger arrives with a FSD leather tag and care instructions attached.

As I cast my eye down to the 18 inches of leather fonds that I soon will be coming quite accustomed too and no less than a total of 30 fonds that are an exquisite midnight blue that has been designed and coloured by lovehoney and approved by fifty shades author E L James has really captured the essence of FSD.

The moment had arrived that my wife had been so eager waiting to give me a taste of the flogger and whip my body. I really was un-sure how the flogger was going to feel, I'm more used to paddles and crops rather than floggers.

Oh my god what a feeling as I received my first whip from the crop the sensations were a truly fantastic feeling to behold and surprised me as not only did I like the feel of the sharp sting as it rang threw my skin part of the great feeling was how it is spread over an area rather than just one spot. The session did end up with a several whips for myself all over my back and bum that was enjoyable for both us as my wife enjoyed whipping me to leave several red marks all over me and being whipped is quite the sensations especially after you receive several in a short space of time.

The fonds are double sided with a suede finish that gives the opposite feeling to the leather and gives my wife the opportunity to experience the flogger as she is one to enjoy back rubs so she does enjoy the suede running over her skin as it feels very relaxing the same as a massage would. While the suede also provides a fair amount of sexual pleasure and the ability to tease as I'm run the suede slowly over her breasts sends her nipples highly erect which is pleasing for both parties. The experience is heightened when a blindfold is added to the session.

The sale price of the flogger is £89.99 which I known is a lot of money to lay out on one item and is the most expensive bondage item we have purchased. It has proven to us to be worth every penny as everything about the flogger is pure luxury bondage item. From the stunning velvet storage bag to the wonderfully crafted braided handle and of the course the duel sided braids that whip me to a stunning range of sensations and the lovely soft suede for sensual teasing experience. If looked after the flogger will last you for many years to come.

At the time of writing this the no bounds collection flogger is my favourite bondage item and the no flogger is a very popular item for both of us. We may both receive different sensations from the flogger but both are equally happy with the performance of the flogger and is a wedding anniversary present that will we be enjoying and is set to be used regularly in the bedroom.

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