LHM all over lace boxer shorts.

The transformation of my underwear draw from began in late 2015 when lovehoney launched the own range of male underwear Lovehoney men (LHM) which I were happy with as the ladies had the flirty range so I’m glad lovehoney started to stock underwear for us men.

The first I owned were the LHM all over lace boxer shorts (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=33885)

I was a little un-sure how the lace would look on myself as lace knickers were something my wife wears. In reality there never was the need to be worried how the lace looked as my bum does look wonderful and with the lace being slightly see through to allow my penis to be slightly on show is pleasing on the eye for my wife.

The shorts do provide me with a good amount of support to my penis which does add to the comfortable factor of the lace boxers as they are suitable for all day wear or just in the bedroom for sexy fun times with my wife.

The LHM are good value at £12.99 normally you do find them on offer at 2 pairs for £15 which to me is an excellent price for two quality pairs of boxers.

Even though I own several different pairs in LHM range since the launch the lace boxers are still a firm favourite of mine.  My wife and I now do have equally good-looking everyday underwear.




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