Fifty shades darker no bounds collection riding crop review.

With the release of fifty shades darker is nearly upon us I thought I would make my first blog post about one of my favourite items from the fifty shades range.

The limited edition Fifty Shades Darker No Bounds Collection by lovehoney does have some amazing products in the range. I have only recently discovered the pleasure that spanking play brings and I knew I wanted to experience the riding crop. (

The riding crop was delivered in less than 24 hours and arrived in a sealed brown discreet parcel.

The crop does come with it's own luxurious velvet storage bag with a drawstring for when storing the crop. The bag does have the fifty shades darker logo printed on.

On first view of the riding crop I did feel the exquisite colour of midnight blue perfectly captures the essence of Fifty Shades Darker and does create a air of authority from the crop.

The crop is just gorgeous to look at as there is a braided faux leather finish that runs from the tip of the stem right down to the handle of the crop for a striking finish. There is leather wrist loop which is suitable for slipping on during use or for simply hanging the crop up. The head of the crop is finished in wonderful smooth leather and has the Fifty Shades Darker logo printed on it.

My first experience of the crop were everything I hoped the crop would be. As I lay blindfolded on the bed just waiting for my wife to give me the first spanking from the crop. As I sensed that my wife was edging closer to the moment when the gorgeous midnight blue crop was going to come into contact with my exposed bum cheeks for the very first time. As the moment happened the sensation that I experienced was what I knew I wanted when purchasing this crop as the folded leather tip came crashing down on to my naked flesh with one hell of a cracking sting that had me wanting more and liking the feel of stings over my bum cheeks.

It has been 3 months since we have owned the riding crop we have experimented different ways to use the crop during our bondage sessions. I have found out that I like the slow build-up of smaller stings all over my back as well as my bum and building up the firmness of the stings until I'm getting the full cracking sting from the leather tip several times.

A good spanking session to me is when I get to look in the mirror afterwards and see the marks all over my bum from the crop. A view I like  seeing very much and reminder to me of the spanking session I have just experienced.

I knew when I purchased the riding crop it was a large outlay as it does cost £49.99 but it has been worth every penny. I have been largely impressed with the crop and I am enjoying the spankings that are even more a regular feature in the bedroom. The colour looks more gorgeous every time I see it and the crop provide me with a sweet stinging sensation that is very worthwhile and everything I went to feel while being spanked. With it being limited edition it is worth spending that little bit more on the wonderfully designed No Bounds collection item.

Overall, the Fifty Shades Darker riding crop is one of the best products I have ever bought and is a welcome addition to our bondage collection

If you like you’re riding crops then this one needs to be in your collection


3 thoughts on “Fifty shades darker no bounds collection riding crop review.

  1. auroragloryblog says:

    I must admit it’s tempting! I’m hoping it may appear on sale one day as I don’t use crops enough to justify the expense. Fantastic review and you’ve offically made me that little bit more temped by it lol!
    Aurora x

    1. bondagegod says:

      Thank you for saying my review is excellent and I’m glad it has made you a little bit more tempted. I know it is a lot for a crop but definitely worthwhile hopefully one day it will appear in the sale so you could purchase one.

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